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The Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China, founded in 1991, superintended by the China Association for Science and Technology, and sponsored by The Nonferrous Metals Society of China, is now published monthly; it mainly contains reports of original research which reflect progress in the field of nonferrous metals science and technology, including mineral processing, extraction metallurgy,with the emphasis on materials science and engineering.

Recent Research Most Viewed

Effects of Cu addition on microstructure and mechanical properties of as-cast magnesium alloy ZK60
Hong-mei ZHU, Cheng-ping LUO, Jiang-wen LIU, Dong-ling JIAO
Effect of heat treatment on microstructures and mechanical properties of sand-cast Mg-10Gd-3Y-0.5Zr magnesium alloy
Liang CAO, Wen-cai LIU, Zhong-quan LI, Guo-hua WU, Lü XIAO, Shao-hua WANG, Wen-jiang DING
Microstructure and property of rheocasting AZ91 slurry produced via ultrasonic vibration process
Jun-ping YAO, Zhong SUN, Tao YANG, Bharat BBUSHAN, Wen-yuan LONG, Lei ZHANG
Effect of Ce,Co,B on formation of LaCo13-structure phase in La(Fe,Si)13 alloys
Xiang CHEN, Yun-gui CHEN, Yong-bai TANG, Ding-quan XIAO
Fe75Zr3Si13B9 magnetic materials prepared by spark plasma sintering
Xing-hua WANG, Ge WANG, Yu-ying ZHU, Jin-feng BAO, Xiong-fei DU, Qiang LI
Effects of alcohol additives on pore structure and morphology of freeze-cast ceramics
Jing ZENG, Yan ZHANG, Ke-chao ZHOU, Dou ZHANG
Isothermal section of Mg-Nd-Gd ternary system at 723 K
Long XIAO, Yan ZHONG, Cui-ping CHEN, Ming-ming WULIU, Tian-kuang LUO, Li-bin LIU, Kui LIN
Thermodynamic consistent phase field model for sintering process with multiphase powders
Rui-jie ZHANG, Zhong-wei CHEN, Wei FANG, Xuan-hui QU
New numerical algorithm of gas-liquid two-phase flow considering characteristics of liquid metal during mold filling
Xiao-feng NIU, Zhao FANG, Wei LIANG, Hua HOU, Hong-xia WANG
Fracture evolution around pre-existing cylindrical cavities in brittle rocks under uniaxial compression
Xing-dong ZHAO, Hong-xun ZHANG, Wan-cheng ZHU
Development of multi-channel observation and inversion for IP electrical sounding method
Hai-fei LIU, Jian-xin LIU, Rong-wen GUO, Xiao-zhong TONG, Lu GONG, Yan-hua PENG
Generalized functional model of maximum and minimum detectable deformation gradient for PALSAR interferometry
Qi-jie WANG, Zhi-wei LI, Ya-nan DU, Rong-an XIE, Xin-qing ZHANG, Mi JIANG, Jian-jun ZHU
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