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The Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China, founded in 1991, superintended by the China Association for Science and Technology, and sponsored by The Nonferrous Metals Society of China, is now published monthly; it mainly contains reports of original research which reflect progress in the field of nonferrous metals science and technology, including mineral processing, extraction metallurgy,with the emphasis on materials science and engineering.

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Formation mechanisms of recrystallization textures in aluminum sheets based on theories of oriented nucleation and oriented growth
Wei-min MAO, Ping YANG
Effect of cooling rate on solidification parameters and microstructure of Al-7Si-0.3Mg-0.15Fe alloy
Rui CHEN, Yu-feng SHI, Qing-yan XU, Bai-cheng LIU
Influence of Li addition on mechanical property and aging precipitation behavior of Al-3.5Cu-1.5Mg alloy
Yun-lai DENG, Jin-long YANG, Si-yu LI, Jin ZHANG, Xin-ming ZHANG
Crystallization of amorphous NiTi shape memory alloy fabricated by severe plastic deformation
Shu-yong JIANG, Ming TANG, Ya-nan ZHAO, Li HU, Yan-qiu ZHANG, Yu-long LIANG
Microstructure evolution of spray-formed hypereutectic Al-Si alloys in semisolid reheating process
Xue-wei ZHU, Ri-chu WANG, Jian PENG, Chao-qun PENG
Application of face centred cubic TiB powder as conductive filler for electrically conductive adhesives
Jian-chuang ZHAO, Jian-dong HU, Dong-ning JIAO, S. TOSTO
Simulated and experimental investigation on discontinuous dynamic recrystallization of a near-a TA15 titanium alloy during isothermal hot compression in b single-phase field
Chuan WU, He YANG, Hong-wei LI
FEM modeling of softened base metal in narrow-gap joint by CMT+P MIX welding procedure
Feng-yuan SHU, Yao-hui Lü, Yu-xin LIU, Fu-jia XU, Zhe SUN, Peng HE, Bin-shi XU
Simulation on deposition and solidification processes of 7075 Al alloy droplets in 3D printing technology
Hai-peng LI, He-jun LI, Le-hua QI, Jun LUO, Han-song ZUO
Integrated identification method of rheological model of sandstone in Sanmenxia bauxite
Chun-yang ZHANG, Ping CAO, Cheng-zhi PU, Jie LIU, Pi-hua WEN
Improved spatial resolution in soil moisture retrieval at arid mining area using apparent thermal inertia
Shao-gang LEI, Zheng-fu BIAN, John L. DANIELS, Dong-lie LIU
Modeling GPS multipath effect based on spherical cap harmonic analysis
Jin-yun GUO, Guo-wei LI, Qiao-li KONG, Shu-yang WANG
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