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Recent progress in Mg-Li matrix composites
Yue-hua SUN, Ri-chu WANG, Chao-qun PENG, Yan FENG, Ming YANG
Microstructure and compressive deformation ofhypereutectic Al-Si-Fe based P/M alloys fabricated bysparkplasmasintering
Jewoosoo KIM,Gwang-Seon JANG, Mok-Soon KIM, Jeong-Keun LEE
Fabrication of AZ31 alloy wire by continuous semisolid extrusion process
GUAN Ren-guo(管仁国), ZHAO Zhan-yong(赵占勇), SUN Xiao-ping(孙小平),
HUANG Hong-qian(黄红乾), DAI Chun-guang(戴春光), ZHANG Qiu-sheng(张秋生)
Crushing behavior of lightmass structural member
Kil-Sung LEE, Yong-June YANG, Woo-Chae HWANG, In-Young YANG
Application of phase diagram calculations to development of new ultra-high temperature structural materials
YANG Ying(杨 莹), B.P. Bewlay, CHEN Shuang-lin(陈双林), Y.A. Chang
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